Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Miracle Productions Chogokin Vehicle Voltron Pre-Order


Big toy news! Fully transformable Chogokin Vehicle Voltron is up for Pre-Order..!!! We Posted these pics late last year so it's really exciting to know it's almost here...!

Founded in 2006, Miracle Productions quickly established themselves as the premier robot toy and collectable designer in Hong Kong. Their much heralded Gaiking the Legend of Daiku Maryu line as well as their follow up-Project Super Robot series were both innovative and high quality. This new Vehicle Voltron ultimate combining chogokin is a culmination of their team’s many years of design experience, as well as a genuine passion for this iconic robot. In development for almost two years, this is sure to be the absolute finest Voltron collectable toy ever released!

Vehicle-Voltron-Toy-Image 400x617

Vehicle Voltron consisted of fifteen members, who were divided into three teams of five, known respectively as the Land, Sea, and Air Teams. Each team was specialized in gathering data or fighting in their area of expertise. Each team could also combine their vehicles into a bigger machine, with each combined vehicle differing amongst the three teams. These fighters were:

The Aqua Fighter (Sea Team)
The Turbo Terrain Fighter (Land Team)
The Strato Fighter (Air Team)

When necessary, all fifteen vehicles combine to form the mighty Voltron. This Voltron in the toy line was referred to as Voltron I as it was set closest to Earth.

This amazing new Voltron stands nearly thirteen inches tall, contains over fifty percent die-cast and is fully articulated. All fifteen individual vehicles can be combined to form all three team machines as well as this GIANT super robot. Includes Voltron's signature spinning laser blades, solar combat spears, two sets of alternate hands and of course-the blazing sword. Comes packaged in a collector’s box with slip cover.

Vehicle-Voltron-Toy-Lower-Body-Image 400x711

* Stands 13” tall
* Made of PVC, ABS and die-cast
* Fully articulated
* Includes alternate hands, sword and weapons
* Collectors packaging

Release date April 30th.

BONUS-pre-orders will receive a limited edition, full die-cast blazing sword!

Pre-Order yours today for $249 at Toy Freakz

Check out this awesome video from CollectionDX that shows David Oaks from Toyfreakz giving Josh and Adam the run down. Watch the entire episode because it's awesome, but if you can't wait, FF to 38.09 to the scoop...

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Anonymous said...

The price went up to $259.99.

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