Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Collection Intervention: Does This Show Help or Hurt Us?

Wanted to see what you guys think about this show. I've watched two episodes now. The first one which featured a Star Wars Super Collector had a nice cameo of Omar at Doublepunch and later, featured our very own Brian Flynn as the "Buyer" helping the collector unload some of her stuff. In this case, a single Wickett figure.

My issue with the show is that it seems to assume that there is something wrong with each of the collectors. I believe the intention is genuine, but when you have collectors having a nervous breakdown and crying, i'm not sure selling off all their stuff that took years to collect is the right answer.

The format seems to be the same: Hot chick from Christie's comes into the house and marvels at the collection. Notes there is a problem and immediately prescribes an instant sell-off to help the collector and collector's mate to live in a world with less stuff around. I don't know, but it seems like the bigger issue is between the collector and their other half. Why marry a collector if you're not into the collection?

Anyways, the show revels in the drama showing the collector having a nervous breakdown when experts are moving stuff around and then when they actually have to part with some of their collection. Of course in the end, they show pictures of a wonderfully clean house with a lot less clutter and proclaim success. Like some evil spirit has been exorcised.

I say fuck that.

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