Thursday, August 09, 2012

Limited Edition, Otaku x Beatles Inspired Giclee Print by Toby Barnes at FOE

The Sidekick Lounge by Toby Barnes

FOE First: limited-edition, Otaku-inspired, giclee print release

FOE’s first giclee print release perfectly captures the gallery’s aesthetic. Artist Toby Barnes combined the composition of an iconic Beatles image with Otaku culture to paint the statement-making The Sidekick Lounge at 20” x 40”. The vibrant colors and clean lines were well-suited for the flat, color-soaked giclee prints produced by the experts at Evolv Fine Art Printing. The signed, numbered edition of 30 is printed on archival paper with a white border to fit a standard 11” x 14” frame. Iconic imagery, eye-popping color and smoking sidekick Otaku capture the fun, low brow, Manga-influenced art favored by the folks at FOE.

See The Beatles image next to The Sidekick Lounge and an interview with artist Toby Barnes on FOE’s blog.


Beautifully reproduced archival giclee. Signed and numbered Ed. of 30. 8.5"x11" image on 11"x14" paper. Purchase at FOE for $75 by clicking HERE

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