Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gargamel Gang at Grasshut!!

gargamelgang 400x300

Gargamel Gang!
Gar-gamel gang is co-ming to town.
That was supposed to sound like the christmas song.

Anyhoo, our most favorite art-toy maker on the earth is coming to Portland and will be having a very balls out artshow at Grass Hut. Chanmen, Kiyoka Ikeda, Naoya Ikeda, and koji Harmon will be bringing custom sofubi, paintings, exclsuive releases, and will even be premiering a brand new sculpt, Dolly the Dolphin. Using each of their trademark elegance. Gargamel captures perfectly the essence of the vintage kaiju forefathers and at the same time shoot the whole movement into the future cosmos.

On Friday January 9th the show will open with a reception from 6-9pm. Those attending will get first dibs on customs and the new releases. And Rick Widmayer of the Screen Door will be providing some very tasty eats. Those of you who live in the Portland Area know what a special treat this will be.

For those of you that plan to fly in or are traveling from other lands. We here at grass hut recommend the ACE hotel. The Ace even has a few rooms painted by Grass Hut artists. You could request the Martin Ontiveros, or Scrappers rooms for instance.
There is a train that goes straight from the airport to downtown a few blocks from where the ACE is located.

garggang3 400x299

garggang2 400x555

oh man, if there is one show i'd like attend out of state, it would be this Gargamel show at Grasshut, home of the Portland posse of Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros, Scrappers, Le Merde and the rest of the forrest

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