Monday, December 01, 2008

Touma Show at Mixi-Bang!!!

tudoB_LRG 400x320

I've said it before, Touma has got to be one of the hardest working artists around today. He just finished up his show at Paradise Toys in Taipei in early November where he had a ton of custom toys and paintings. This past Saturday was his annual show at Mixi-Bang in Pasadena, CA. where he probably had over a hundred custom toys, paintings and plushies. wow. Touma is a machine. From the looks of things from Jack's awesome photos over at Vinyl Pulse, it was a good time had by all. If you head over to the Mixi-Bang web store, there are STILL a TON of awesome toys and custom pieces. Click on the left menu in the webstore and look for "Artwork and Prints". Then you will see Touma Customs 2008. Bummed that I missed everything at the Paradise show, I made up for it by purchasing a production clear blue Crazy Kazu Mouse plus a custom painted regular Kazu Mouse. Can you guess which one? Show pictures from Vinyl Pulse. Toy pictures from Mixi-Bang's webstore!

DSC_7736_500 400x265

tudoA_LRG 400x320

DSC_7798_500 400x689

skuttleCX_LRG 400x320

skuttleCX_02_LRG 400x320

DSC_7696_500 400x265

kazu0486_LRG 400x320

kazu0497_LRG 400x320

DSC_7663_500 400x265

DSC_7619_500 400x299

kazu0408_LRG 400x320

kazu0472_LRG 400x320

DSC_7756_500 400x451

DSC_7744_500 400x526

DSC_7741_500 400x271

kazu0482_LRG 400x320

kazu0480_LRG 400x320

DSC_7592_500 400x253

kazu0501_LRG 400x320

kazu0384_LRG 400x320

DSC_7585_500 400x266

skuttleA_LRG 400x320

skuttleA_02_LRG 400x320

skuttleC_LRG 400x320

skuttleC_02_LRG 400x320

mao0458_LRG 400x320

kazucrazy0440_LRG 400x320

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