Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kaiju-Taro Kai-zine "Real Street" Set!!

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I've had the pleasure of re-watching Sesame Street with my daughter and now with my son too. I haven't watched it since I was a kid. Brought back some great memories. Definitely quality programming. Maria hasn't aged a bit. But poor Bob is getting old. So it's with child-like enthusiasm that we show you pics from Kaiju-Taro of their new "Real Street" set which will be a Kai-zine mail order exclusive retailing for just under 16,000 yen. Great price if you can get it...

This giddy like a school kid set from RealxHead features all the staples in RxH fashion.

My favorite is Count Evil:

3079175118_5d9826bc71_o 400x597

Of course Big Bird Bigaro:

3079175058_20e23bbd06_o 400x577

Oscar the Grouch Mini Mutant Head complete with trash can:

3079174930_1ac8a9d8dc_o 400x597

Elmo Mini Ogan Bat:

3079174874_93735035a9 400x298

finally, Cookie Monster Mutant Chaos:

3079174816_12cb27d193_o 400x597

Aside from the fantastic colorways, it's the cape and the trashcan that make this set. Really cool. Hoping I can get a set...

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