Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pimp Meister Many Mey!!

IMG_5230 400x599

Finally finished my entry for the "Popsoda 6th Anniversary Dynamite Custom Show" to be held at Super Festival on January 11th. Artists and colourizers from around the world have been invited to participate in this international show which will begin in Tokyo, come to America and then finish up in Popsoda's home town of Osaka. It's an honor to be included in this show and I am eternally grateful.

For this custom, I decided to try my hand at the bling-bling technique of flatback rhinestones. Normally reserved for teenage girls and their mobile phones, rhinestones can really add a bit of bling to anything. In this case, nearly 3,000 Swarovski crystal rhinestones were sacrificed for "Pimp Meister Many Mey". Although time-consuming, perhaps not as long as one might think. As you go along, you get into a rhythm which becomes quite therapeutic.

Pimp Meister Many Mey is supposed to be a Pimp, but the results may be more Mardi Gras Liberace instead...!! Lol.....!!

IMG_5231 400x599

IMG_5223 400x599

IMG_5229 400x599

IMG_5219 400x599

IMG_5216 400x599

IMG_5214 400x599

IMG_5215 400x599

IMG_5212 400x599

IMG_5210 400x599

IMG_5207 400x599

IMG_5201 400x599

IMG_5200 400x599

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Thanks again to Datadub and Hossy from Popsoda for putting this custom show together. There is a special blog dedicated to the Popsoda Dynamite Custom Show: Many Many Many Mey

Many Mey Show flyer 400x717

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Kendyl Young said...

That is ridiculously cool.

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