Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cure Blue Oni Boogie Man!!!

IMG_2875 400x599

Just got this bad boy in!! Gotta say, it's one of my favorite toys this year for sure!! Very happy with this dude. It has all the right elements: it's blue, it's clear, it has an Oni Devil mask, carries a nasty club and has some kind of faux zebra skin shorts. What's not to love? Oh, and it comes with a motion-detection LED in a very spooky pink glow. Love this guy!! Contender for Toy of the Year? It also came in a red version which I now totally regret not buying!!! ugh...!!!

IMG_2876 400x599

IMG_2874 400x599

IMG_2892 400x599

IMG_2884 400x599

IMG_2882 400x599

IMG_2901 400x599

IMG_2885 400x599

IMG_2871 400x599

IMG_2897 400x599

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