Monday, April 07, 2008

Hobby Complex Photo Report from Kaiju-Taro!!!!

2391083057_5071f1168a_o 400x527

The Hobby Complex show was this past weekend. It looks like our friends at Kaiju-Taro had a nice time hanging out with the usual suspects....!! Domo Arigato Kaiju-Taro for the fab pictures as always. Check back on their site religiously over the next few days when the goods from the Hobby Complex show might show up. Be quick, though cause they won't last long!!!


I gotta say right off the bat that the toys that interested me most are not the toys I normaly collect at all. In fact, the one I want the most is a charactor I don't own even one of. It's this insane clear blue Marusan Garamon above. This guy is so beautiful that i'm on a mission to track him down. Anyone got the hook-up, lemme know. I'm also after the clear orange with tinsel Baltan....!! Marusan kicking it up a notch!!

2391083133_3de935f393_o 400x579

2391082883_a9c73af5be_o 400x631

2391913374_9728bb2052_o 400x299

2391913498_6ac29ae607_o 400x299

2391913740_92b428910f_o 400x299

ok, interesting piece here...Denpagon or something like that. Crazy figure with all kind of Japanese architecture sticking out of him. Lemme ask you: the new Bemon or the next Gas Bauer? lol.....Glenn if you're reading, my apologies for stealing your question...! Let me say, I like it more than the Gas Bauer for sure. I even like it more than a Bemon cause I find it more interesting. The colorway on the left is pretty cool....but how about some painted clears?? Then were talking!!

2391913034_290b49f936 400x299

2391913106_450863eba3_o 400x533

New M1GO trikes anyone? Digging the new colorways....

2391918744_2582848141_o 400x299

2391088577_37f7bf898d_o 400x299

Sunguts Honpo...recognize the outfit?

2391084631_b1821ed32a_o 400x549

2391914348_cc5a8925b1_o 400x299

2391913314_c898d9a83c 400x578

The crew from Popsoda. Tell me they don't look like their toys....!

2391919178_5a250ee991_o 400x299

2391082121_6b4265a7b2 400x299

ok, who is this dude?

2391918988_afcbc50c46_o 400x533

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