Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kaiju Invades NYC Custom Show at Toy Tokyo April 19th!!

frontkaijuposterlp1nq1 400x517

man, April 19th seems to be a big toy show day!!! We have "Kaiju Invades NYC" custom toy show at Toy Tokyo. I am honored to have a few pieces of custom Japanese vinyl in the show! Bummed that I can't be there. This will be the 2nd custom show where i've had a piece, but could not attend. Check out the line-up....Some RAD artists involved. Thanks to Lev for hosting the event and thank you to Joel and Lorne for coordinating and curating everything. Lastly, thanks to Don for hooking up all the Japanese artists! You guys rock!

frontkaijuposterlp1oc5 400x517

So here is my set for the show: La Familia BLObPUS!!!! Selling my customs is really hard for me cause I don't really want to part with any of them. But hopefully these guys will go to a collector's shelf that really appreciates not only my work, but the work of BLObPUS!!

IMG_2761 400x295

IMG_2747 400x599

IMG_2748 400x599

IMG_2754 400x599

IMG_2750 400x599

IMG_2758 400x599

Also coinky-dink or not that the exclusive toy for the event is this BLObPUS DX, limited to only 50 pieces??!!

blobpusot4 400x235

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