Friday, April 25, 2008


DSCF2616 400x299

When I saw these pics from Slack, it was one of those moments when I hit myself on the forehead and said: "doh! should have gone to LA for this show!" What do you get when you mix the clay-magical cynical edge of Dehara with the plushie goodness that is David Horvath? Some kind of madness....

Thanks for the pics Slack! Now give me some of that Dehara!!!

DSCF2617-1 400x299

dscn9832am0 400x533

dscn9843yj0 400x533

DSCF2600 400x598

DSCF2596 400x520

DSCF2592 400x533

DSCF2591 400x598

DSCF2590 400x598

DSCF2586 400x317

DSCF2583 400x361

DSCF2568 400x533

DSCF2549 400x299

DSCF2548 400x519

DSCF2547 400x451

DSCF2545 400x459

DSCF2544 400x533

DSCF2539 400x533

DSCF2537 400x498

DSCF2535 400x298

DSCF2532 400x533

DSCF2526 400x533

DSCF2523 400x533

DSCF2522 400x533

DSCF2520 400x533

DSCF2519 400x299

DSCF2518 400x299

DSCF2517 400x299

DSCF2510 400x977

DSCF2505 400x266

DSCF2503 400x266

DSCF2496 400x266

DSCF2490 400x266

DSCF2489 400x266

DSCF2486 400x266

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