Monday, April 21, 2008

Tentacles, Horns and Scales Show @ Thrashout!!!

DSC04451 400x299

Man, this was a big toy weekend!!! Tons and tons of toy shows all around the world it seems!!! There was New York Comic Con and the coinciding shows; most notably the "Kaiju Invades NYC" Custom Show at Toy Tokyo. Pictures tomorrow. There was the incredible "Deharavath" show in Los Angeles featuring a twisted mashup between Dehara, David Horvath and Sun Min Kim of Ugly Dolls. Pictures in a day. Finally, there was the "Tentacles, Horns and Scales" show at Thrashout featuring the works of the Kaiju Rat Pack consisting of Gargamel, Comet Debris, Bwana Spoons and Martin Ontiveros. Thank you Stealthtank, LivingDead and Deadbone for the pics!!!!

2425561604_f7c07c66e7_b 400x552

2425565122_f6fc744338_b 400x224

DSC04452 400x299

DSC04453 400x299

IMG_4911 400x533

IMG_4909 400x533

2425594832_effcaef128 400x711

2424780461_288e259452 400x224

2425593454_988979026a 400x224

2424761399_9945cb780e 400x224

2425578556_4204f68b2c 400x224

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