Monday, April 28, 2008

Secret Base Dokuro King !!! Now Were Talking!!

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I'm going to have to admit being giddy as a school girl on her first dance when I learned that Secret Base is making a brand new sculp of one of my favorite characters Dokuro King!! Hiddy just released this picture on his Blog but unfortunately mentioned something about Fan Club Only which really blows, but i'm sure that the purple Walder version will be for mass consumption!! I haven't been this excited about a Secret Base figure since pretty much forever so I think this is only good news for the OG Fight Figure producer! I put this sculp right up there with my first love: Skullwing. I'm hoping this is the beginning of about 60 different colorways cause i'm all over it.

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Now you might be thinking to yourself, that looks an awful lot like the Dokuro King custom brain you showed back in March? Well, yes it does. Created by Dokuro King Ulta-fan GuyX1, this version bears a striking resemblance. So what's the deal? Coincidence or did a fan-created custom influence Hiddy's version? Well, i'm gonna guess that Hiddy began working on this figure at least a year ago. It would be very difficult to see a figure in late February and then have a finished figure by May. There is just not enough run way. What I do believe happened is that Guy's custom validated with Hiddy that this figure would be desired by his customer base.

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Is Hiddy completely immune to influence? I don't think so. Influence in all of our toys from all over the place is obvious. The Secret Base Skullbrain itself, for example is influenced by the Astro Mu Devil Bado. Thank god cause Hiddy took a toy that is almost completely un-obtainable and made it into one of the most popular fight figures of all time. It would be easy for me to say that I own more Skullbrains than any other figure.

Astro Mu Devil Bado picture from the collection of Comet Debris

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A more recent example may follow. Super7 had been working with Secret Base on a new "Voodoo" series of figures. Each figure would have a Voodoo plushie inside. So when this new Secret Base clear Damage Brain was released with 3 different colored Voodoo plushies, I was confused. Was this it? I thought it was a series and they were going to be painted???

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As it turns out, this was not the Super7 version. It was Hiddy's version. Not the same. Some might argue, not even close. But there is no denying that the plushies look like Voodoo dolls. Here is the Super7 version:

2397415980_6d1cd3beff_o 400x400
2397416040_0acff77648_o 400x400

So what's up with that? I just think Hiddy is a smart business man. He was producing the S7 Voodoo set. Why not squeeze his own Damage Brain set in beforehand? Take advantage of any Voodoo hype that might be lingering. In the end, I say so what? More toys for the collectors!! After all, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!

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