Thursday, April 17, 2008

Usugrow Behinds Bars!!!!

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First, check out this picture of the next GID Usugrow Rebel Ink colorway. Shown in Hiddy's blog and produced by Secret Base. I'm digging this colorway mucho, mucho.

I thought I would take this opportunity to show you a little photo story from our buddy Jay (manmachine) who is a journalist in the Phillipines. He was shooting a documentary at the Medium Security Penitentiary and decided it might be cool to bring his Usugrow Rebel Ink to show the guys and compare Tattoos!!! Really amazing photography Jay!! Couple of things I noticed, that for guys behind bars, they look pretty happy, but maybe that's just the joy of seeing a cool toy. The other thing is that while i'm sure this place is no fun, some of the "Projects" near my house look worse than this. Lastly, if this is "Medium Security" facility, i'd love to see the country club that would be the "Light Security"

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Dp5051-2 400x266

Dp5050-2 400x266

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Dp5023-1 400x266

Dp5032-1 400x266

Dp5014-3 400x266

Dp5036 400x266

Dp5034 400x266

Dp5055-1 400x266

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