Wednesday, April 09, 2008

toybot studios custom RealxHead Mutant Evil Kittyfire Colorway!!!

IMG_2824 400x599

One of my favorite colorways is this variant Kittyfire from Super7. Clean, simple and beautiful. So I thought as a departure from my normal style and colors, I would try an homage to this Kittyfire with a RealxHead Mutant Evil. I first laid down GID paint but sadly it doesn't glow all that much and the gritty powder clogged my airbrush. I don't think I was able to lay enough down. Although I did give it three coats.

5961 400x457

IMG_2828 400x599

IMG_2830 400x599

IMG_2825 400x599

IMG_2833 400x599

IMG_2834 400x599

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