Monday, August 27, 2007

Bounty Hunter x Secret Base Sukeru Kun DX Released!!!


A bit to my surprise, I was told this weekend that Super7 was probably not going to be getting any of the much-anticipated new Bounty Hunter x Secret Base Sukeru Kun DX set which comes with a cool "Secret Hunter" T-shirt. In fact, I was told that not even Secret Base was going to be stocking any of these either. The ONLY place one could get them was at Bounty Hunter and for around $160. Of course early on Saturday when they were released, they sold out almost immediately. Indeed a massive bummer and one that has me scrambling to get my grubby hands on one at this very moment. There are several already on Yahoo Japan Auctions, but none have closed so we don't really know yet what kinds of prices were talking about. ugh....not happy. Keeping fingers crossed that I can line this up....






C'mon, look at this guy. How cool is he? It's the spikey helmet that does it for me. Funny enough, I don't collect BxH Kuns at ALL. Don't have any. It's all about the DX for me. Only four (4) versions in order of rarity: Clear Orange, Clear Blue, Clear, Green GID and now smoke grey. I've seen a picture somewhere of a clear purple version, but I think it's a one-off.

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Limited Ed. said...

Yeah, I would have killed for one of these also, sent Hiddy an e-mail and found out that they were already sold out. Sad.

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