Thursday, August 23, 2007

toybot studios Custom Cronic Maverasu!!!


My first attempt at painting one of my favorite sculps: Cronic! Maverasu. There was only one really blue Maverasu released and it was in very limited less than five...maybe even three. I'm sure Andy from Kaiju Korner can tell us (cause he's got one of 'em). Not sure why there are not more blue Maverasu. It seems Cronic is more fond of yellows, oranges and reds cause there seems to be a lot more Mavs in those colorways. I asked LASH to paint me This one which came out amazing, but it was time for me to try to do one myself. Due to their awkward shape, Maverasu are hard to photograph. As I look at the actual figure on my desk right now, even in the sunlight pictures, all the crazy nuances of the metallic green and purple paints are not coming through in the photos....oh well, I think it's pretty cool looking!





Here he is hanging out with his Hippie Tie-Dye cousin which is the version Cronic did for Max Toy Co which is definitely one of my favorite Mavs!



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