Monday, August 13, 2007

Greedy Genius Don't Be Mi$led Kicks!!!

GGFW0104-003zoom1 400x299

I'm in no way any kind of sneakerhead. Hell, I didn't even know the term a year ago. But since being addicted to Hypebeast everyday, I get a good sense for what the kids are wearing these days. I guess I like to keep tabs on things so I know what to buy and wear so I don't look like some old man walking into the toy store (which is exactly what I am). So check out these kicks from Greedy Genius. I never thought I would type "Patent Leather looks cool", but after wearing regular tennis shoes my entire life, i'm digging the bling bling of the glossy shoes!! Toys and sneakers go hand in hand. Too bad I can't afford to collect both!!

GGFW0104-002zoom12 400x285

GGFW0103-002zoom14 400x294

GGFW0102-007zoom13 400x274

In an effort to be cooler, I did order a new pair of K-Swiss. You like these guys? Rocking the blue stripe K-Swiss!!!



Anonymous said...

Love the shoes, love your blog man. I have only recently put your blog in my reader, but I'm checking back regularly!

I don't like the flicker pop ups though, :P.. Just my opinion though. Keep up the great coverage on all things urban! W00T!!

toybot studios said...

Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you on the pop ups and your comment prompted me to turn off the pop ups for the main post but keep them for the links on the right.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great posts! I hope I wasn't too forward though. :\ Sorry if I was.

toybot studios said...

not at all. valuable feedback which I don't get a lot of...! So thank you! frankly, I was getting tired of seeing the pop ups every time my cursor wandered over a picture. I just didn't know how to turn that part off until I did some research.

please keep the feedback coming!

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