Monday, August 13, 2007

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer Odds and Ends


Wonder Festival Summer Edition is in full swing this weekend. I posted up the Charatics Offerings a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few more things to go hunt down on Yahoo! Japan. Most notably above is the fabled NERDONE x Cronic! collaboration that was so limited and so highly sought after in the past, that i'm not sure I even know anyone that actually owns one! Hopefully this crazy Hulk green colorway will be more plentiful and mere mortals like myself can finally have this awesome collaboration on my desk!!

RealxHead comes to the festival with it's new "Gold Mist" colorway for your viewing pleasure. Simple, sophisticated, sleek...what's not to like? ok, that Gatchagon turnip dude.





Rumble Monsters does Hedorah!!!!

rumble monster hedorah 400x265

rumble monster pharaohs baby 400x164

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