Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Secret Base Hiddy Handpaint for GetFatMilk!!!


To celebrate the launch of a new artist's website in Japan called Get Fat Milk, Hiddy, owner of Secret Base decided to try his hand at handpainting Skullbrains. In a style very similar to Pushead's, I believe Hiddy pays homage to Pushead appropriately. Sold in very limited quantities, I was lucky to snag one on eBay and it happened to be the colorway I wanted. There was also an all orange version. There was a fair bit of debate over these guys with many not liking them at all. For me, I think the combination of me liking the Pushead-esque drippy paint, the Skullbrain sculp and the contrasting green and orange colorway made all the difference. Hey, in the end, it's a handpaint done by Hiddy. 'Nuff said!




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