Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Charatics at Wonder Festival August 12th

g-tank 400x327

Yes, another Wonderfestival toy show is upon us. August 12th, we have next Japanese toy show and yet another opportunity to buy more Japanese vinyl. I suspect with SDCC just over, it's gonna be tough for most of us to find the 'scrilla to throw down. On the other hand, perhaps with less competition, it does provide an opportunity as well. Hell, I dunno. I'm just trying to figure out when enough is enough.

Anyhoooooooo, we've got beloved Charatics stepping it up with some new colorways of a couple of their best hits....above, new Godzilla in tank colorway. Where's the helmet?? All Charatic tanks must come with a helmet from now on!!!

Who can resist the mini King Walder Set in clear vinyl? Not me!!!

full -waruder 400x241

How about the mini set in clear with metallic inserts? Put me down!!

henshin waruder 400x251

New Invaders colorway. Gonna pass...

utyujin-metalic 400x268

New mini Matango in clear with black box. Sign me up!!

royal matango 400x344

New Rumble Monsters Pharaon?? Hmmmmmm, I like the red head.....

majin%20fharaon%20hp 400x299

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