Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gargamel SDCC Teasers!!!

DSC04921 400x299

The guys are Gargamel are keeping us at the edge of our desk chairs and forcing us to constantly check their blogs to see what vinyl goodness they have in store for the San Diego Comic Con. Were not sure how many figures in what kinds of colorways. If last year is any indication, there will probably be around 10 figures in all kinds of crazy, bright colorways. One sculp has been revealed and it's this lime green Deathra you see above which will be painted by Koji Harmon aka Comet Debris.

This next shot posted today from the Gargamel Blog is a mystery. Could it be a new sculp? Kinda looks to be like the mid-section of a new sculp....

gargamel teaser

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