Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One-Up Annual Skuttle Paint & Custom Show Prize!!!

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One of the more painful thrashings of toy envy came the other day when Jeff aka Rhinomilk showed off his prize from the One Up Annual Skuttle Paint & Custom Show: a very beautiful custom from Touma himself. I mistaken thought only the first place winner would get such a wonderous trophy. I felt for Jeff thinking he was only gonna get a production GID Skuttle or something like that. On the contrary, looked like the top three winners got a custom Skuttle. Jeff is a lucky and talented man. I hate him and I want this Skuttle. As I tried to offer up my 3rd born for trade, he replied tactfully as follows:

oh yeah. not for sale! it's my award... sorta like how it's messed up that OJ lost his heisman trophy... even for a cold blooded murderer

I love how Jeff compares himself to OJ except that, just like he's keeping the Skuttle, OJ should have kept the Heisman. Congratulations Jeff! Well deserved!! If you look closely, you can see Jeff's entries into the contest. The bugger with the rash on the left is the winning piece!! To see more of the winners, CLICK HERE



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