Friday, July 13, 2007

Fewture EX-Gokin Boss Borot and Doublas Silver Variant!!


OK, nothing terribly new here, but a new colorway for the much anticipated Fewture EX-Gokin Boss Borot and Doublas. mmmmmmmmmmm, seriously, seriously considering getting a silver Boss Borot. At around $153, not cheap, but about half of what it's gonna be on YJA or worse on Ebay when I finally do decide I want it. It's definitely got that Borg vibe going on. Why not get the silver version of the Doublas? meh, i'm not digging it. I like me mechs big and bulky like Boss Borot!! Gonna be released in October. Pre-order in early August from our friends at Hobby Link Japan. Yeah, the more i'm looking at these pics, the more I wannum...







boss_doublas1 400x299

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