Thursday, July 12, 2007

Usugrow x Secret Base Toy Preview!!!

Usugrow Figure 400x533

The big news today in the world of Japanese designer vinyl is this pic graciously leaked out from Justin and the guys from Toy Punks!!! Japanese artist Usugrow and Secret Base are teaming up once again for a brand new toy which is a take on one of Usugrow's most iconic images: Rebel Ink


There was a fair bit of discussion around this new toy today on Skullbrain . It's always risky for an artist that traditionally does 2D work to try and make the jump to 3D toys. Especially the case with Usugrow because his Tattoo-style illustration with the pinpoint shading technique would be impossible to translate to a toy. Everyone seemed to really like the skull with the recognizable paint brushes, but opinions differed on the body. Some were saying the whole gangsta thing is getting played out especially in light of Mister Cartoon essentially going main stream...My opinion? I'm curious to see how tall it is, but in general, I like the sculp and will undoubtably get it. Very curious to see a painted version if that is even forthcoming. Making it in clear is always a winner with me!

Check out this show coming up featuring Usugrow's artwork (and hopefully toys)

USUGROW exhibition SF`

USUGROW exhibition
-Learn Of Light ByDefining Shadow- detail

2007 8/2 - 8/30
(opening reception 8/2, 7pm-9:30pm)

252 Fillmore St. San Francisco, CA 94117

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