Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bwana Spoons Cosmic Beer Floater Killer Preview!!

cosmic02 400x238

The very considerate Bwana Spoons is hooking us poor saps that can't make it to SDCC by releasing this ultra silky "Cosmic Beer Floater" Killer this friday at noon. From Grass Hut Corp.:

oh joy of joys. Another gargamel x bwana collaboration. Made in Japan sparayed right here in portland. Cosmic Beer Floater comes out this friday at noon. To avoid the early birds. pricing and ordering info will be posted here friday morning. my hopes is that this will help satisfy some of the folks not going to SDCC, and give the folks that are a nice jump on the rainbowed goodness.Cosmic beer Floater is rootbeer translucent brown with metallic goldy drip innards. BF floats through space and time gobbling up tasty stars and galaxies.

cosmic01 400x266

Sign me up!!! Thanks Bwana!!!

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