Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rumble Monsters Uber Limited "Eater" Damnedron!!!


Rumble Monsters caught us a little off-guard the other day when they released this crazy ultra limited, custom "Eater" Damnedron complete with little tanks and missles that have been eaten by the Damnedron as continues his path of desstruction across town. First spotted in a teaser shot, the guys at Span of Sunset got us all hot and bothered with an email with a full-size pic and a specific release date and time (6pm, last Friday the 13th). So with credit card at the ready and constantly hitting the refresh button, I was ready to throw down. Until.....I saw that SoS wanted $300 for it!! Yikes! (as one infamous collector would say) I guess I was expecting under $200. We later found out that suggested retail was $180. But SoS sold out so I guess they did alright. My Plastic Heart then had the next day for $250 and sold out....wow...I like the figure, but with SDCC so close, hard to spend that kind of money...still if anyone has one for less than $200, I would be all over it. LOL!!!

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