Monday, July 30, 2007

SDCC Finds by Paul Kaiju!!!

932393032_d9ab812b6d_o 400x531

What do you get when you're an artist with a great eye for color, who loves Japanese vinyl and is pretty damn good with the camera? Here's what you get: Paul Kaiju quality over quantity!!! Above: new Gargamel clear Zag with insert. "The Zag dreams are made of"

Bwana Spoons new mini figure Globby from Gargamel as well.

932391238_77c949239e_o 400x532

Secret Base kicking it real old school with another specimen from their Ura Tokyo Limited line

931541083_f00df861b8_o 400x532

Charatics x Gargamel Mini Zag tank. Check out that little helmet!!! I love it!!

932394084_84c899feb2_o 400x300

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