Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cronic at SDCC 2007!!!!

cronic-sdcc-dorome-pics 400x423

Cronic! finally gave us a preview of his SDCC 2007 offerings. First posted by Cronic Fanatic (even when Cronic wasn't popular), fellow blogger and writer, Andy from his corner of Kaiju Korner, the other day, Cronic collectors have been in a panic trying to figure out who is gonna mule Cronic for them from SDCC since there will be a very, very limited amount of each piece and since Cronic has grown in popularity recently. SDCC also is when Cronic will debut his new Dorome sculp and this painted clear blue version above is at the top of my want list followed quickly by this unpainted clear blue colorway.

cronic-sdcc-dorome-2-pics 400x429

Lime Green seems to be a popular vinyl color this year as the cute bite-size Dorogami gets the painted and un-painted treatment.


cronic-sdcc-dorogami-2-pics 400x354

This tie-dye, rainbow, Haight Ashbury Nougaki is so beautiful that I might have to forget that I don't like the sculp!!

cronic-sdcc-no-gaki-pics 400x443

Want any of these guys? Better get to Max Toy Co booth at SDCC right away cause that is where they are gonna be!

Notice anything missing??? Yeah, no Bakurasu and no Zyurai Asu shown yet which is ok, but most noticably missing would be the sculp that started it all for me: Maverasu!!?? Where is the guy with all the arms holding the jars of mustard??? We need him now!!!

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