Monday, July 09, 2007

Kotobukiya Super Robot Wars OG Alteisen Trading Figure


I've had this Kotobukiya Super Robot War OG Alteisen figure on my desk for a while now. For a "Trading Figure", I have to say, it's quite detailed and hefty! I love figures with display stands!! It's really a small action figure well worth the price IMO. Only about 4 inches tall, It normally comes in a set with two other Mechs, but the downside is that the set also comes with these three chick figures which are not that interesting. The Alteisen is definitely the best of the three, but I wouldn't mind have the other two which include the Huckebein MKII and the Cybuster. I was lucky enough to get this single Alteisen from the cool guys at Tokyo Fantasy, but if you want a full case, you will have to go to Hobby Link Japan. The case is 10 figures for $52 USD not including shipping. If anyone is interested in splitting a case so I can get the other two mechs, lemme know.....seriously, this Alteisen figure is worth it....






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Shinkada said...

If I wasn't in Australia and the process was such a pain in the rear, I'd take you up on that offer to split, purely for the Alteisen and Excellen figures. =P

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