Monday, July 09, 2007

Super Festival 43 Report from Kaiju-Taro!!!

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A lot of Toy Festivals going on right now! Hard to keep up!! Here are a few select shots of Super Festival 43 from our favorite Japanese Online Toy Store: Kaiju-Taro!!! Drop by their store for great service, the best toys and lickity split shipping!! Don't forget Kaiju-Taro's 1st Anniversary Summer Fest!! next week!! Oh, Boy!! Gonna be some good toys released!!!


New RealxHead Popsoda figures. I like the painted version. The wind-ups are growing on me...

682740364_9fc6390324 400x265

New RealxHead sculp. I'm digging this guy way more than the JinjaR dude...


Cronic! x Nerd One super-duper exclusive figure. Like only 15 made?? Crazy money being paid for these guys. Just a suggestion: We all want one!! More money gets made when more toys are made!! Thank you!

682747122_438d4cd081 400x265

Cronic Dorogami's

682747910_cc8b1a2f37 400x265

Cronic has a new sculp too! This melting Hedoran style guy...




BLObPUS Mountain Dew Dokugan


BLObPUS Mini Docross Hellion


Couple of Vinyl Junkies Skull Vikings:



New Sunguts Ghosts Set in clear:

681884283_87aaa3b3d8 400x265

Sneak Peek at the Sunguts figures to be released at Kaiju-Taro's 1st Anniversary Fest next week:

682741918_af1f7e6a5c 400x265

That's it for Super Festival 43!! Thanks KT for letting us come along with you to the show!!

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