Thursday, July 12, 2007

Max Toy Co. Announces SDCC Line-Up!!!


Max Toy Co recently announced it's San Diego Comic Con line-up which includes a couple of World Premieres, a set of mini's, new Edward the Gator colorway from Bwana Spoons and hopefully soon, we will get to see the Cronic! exclusives!! Things are looking very good from Max Toy Co.!!

How about this brand new sculp to battle with Captain Max??!! GID no less!!

SDCCglowEyezon 400x171


SDCC2007GlowXam 400x400

BabyXamandMaxx 400x461

Check out Bwana's new Edward the Gater colorway!!

SDCC2007edward 400x324

Mark also has a few Edwards in the following colorways:

RandomEds_group 400x176

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