Friday, July 13, 2007

Toy Tokyo SDCC Line Up!!

Type2-BxBSilver 400x359

Here are a few select Toy Tokyo exclusives announced for San Diego Comic Con. I've been trying to get my mits on one of these Vinyl Junkies Skull Vikings for a while now, but they always elude me. This silver guy above is looking good so I may have to track him down...

This GID BLObPUS with blue and green spray is #2 on the TT hot list. C'mon, this an an awesome colorway!!

BLObPUS_TT_A 400x315

So what the fcuk happened with the mini Docross colorway? Shouldn't it match the Blob? WTF? Might have to take things in my own hands and airbrush on this guy...speaking of which, while i'm at it, where is the mini Dokugan?? We got a good thing going with the mini Docross, but the mini Dokugon with the little bat wings would be too cool!!!!


ooh, this clear sparkly Rangeas from T9G is hot, hot, hot!! This guy is blowing up and I see a bright future....Now how about some mini's??? C'mon!!!

ClearPinkishThing 400x400

ok, we have another Touma Gaburin. This one in an exclusive colorway for TT. meh, the size of this thing has me completely put off.

Toumathing 400x400

If you really want to check out more Toy Tokyo Exclusives and signing schedule, CLICK HERE

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