Friday, July 13, 2007

CM's Corp Brave Gokin Griffon Flight Unit Preview


OK, so another admission: i'm not a huge Patlabor fan. The mech designs are aiiiight, but seriously, if you're gonna make different versions of the good guy mech, can't you make know....different? There are like what, 4 or 5 different Patlabor's and don't they all prety much look the same? I like my heroes or mechs to be as different as Go Rangers for example. Anyhoooo, this Griffon guy is my kind of mech. Black, sinister, cool...So cool that not only did they make a Revoltech figure, CM's Corp. is making a nice die-cast figure sort of SOC style. At over $100, it better be good. From the looks of these pics, lot's of details....might have to pick one will be out in August.

l03 400x365

How about this working cockpit, eh? not bad...


l08 400x316

Here's another annoying element to Patlabor: if you're gonna make a giant mech, why the hell would you make a giant revolver??? Geezus, you build a giant machine gun that pops out of his arm ala Monev the Gale, right??!!!

l09 400x314


index 400x194

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