Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Kaiju Taro 1st Anniversary Summer Fest


To celebrate it's 1st Anniversary, Kaiju-Taro is going to be holding a fantastic Summer fest sale chock full of awesome exclusives!!! Check back July 15th and 16th for some of the most sought after exclusives with the hottest names in Japanese vinyl!!! Can you guess which one of these KT exclusives is gonna bring their servers down to tiny bits of ashes??

15_item_gultan_purple 400x593

15_item_galtan_green 400x593

15_item_cumguts 400x593

15_item_betaseijin 400x593

15_item_betagon 400x593

15_item_hedorah 400x593

16_item_RxH 400x453

16_item_smile_kaiju 400x593

16_item_smile_zenta 400x593

16_item_tttoy 400x593

thanks 400x593

Thanks KT!! Happy 1st Anniversary!! We Thank YOU for all the great toys, excellent and fast service!! Here's to many, many more years of great business selling toys to real fans only!!!

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