Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Revoltech: Black Getter Ryoma: Toy Gods Answer!!


I might have to take a bit of credit for this one. Mere Coinky-Dink? Maybe....ok probably...but I like to think the Toy Gods are reading toybot studios!!! LOL!!! Back in August, in this post, while dreaming what would be my next choice for a Revoltech license,

I wrote: Ok, then how about an exclusive Black Getter Ryoma Revoltech?? Same color scheme as the EX version, same detail and accessories, but in Revoltech posability? Yes! That would awesome! Hey, they did a good job with Getter 1 and Getter 2 looks pretty good. Why not? Ok, Kaiyodo, you heard it here: Black Getter Ryoma!

Des from Robot Japan Message Boards remembered and dug up my old post and wrote the following:

It looks like your wish has come true!! One Black Getter Robo coming right up!!
Robot Japan Black Getter Revoltech

Thank YOU Des and Kaiyodo for either reading and listening or just plain doing your job!! Awesome!!!! If anyone knows where to get better pictures, lemme know!! This guy looking like he gonna rock!!! Black Getter Ryoma + Dix Neuf??? I'm in Revoltech Nirvana!!!


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Anonymous said...

I just crapped my pants. MUST HAVE! better be ready to preorder early--I think these are gonna sell out with every new run--kinda like Mazinkaizer does.

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