Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Revoltech: Black Getter Ryoma Updated Pics!!

GDS-8543_04 400x413

You might have read in this earlier post that I claimed to be in the catalyst for Kaiyodo to create a Revoltech version of Black Getter Ryoma. Well it's completely true and I have proof from Kaiyodo....ok, I don't have any proof, but I do have better pictures. Feast thine eyes....!!!

GDS-8543_03 400x372

Busting it out John Woo style with the revolver and the semi-auto??? C'mon!!! That is better than badass...!!

GDS-8543_05 400x309

GDS-8543_01 400x426

GDS-8543_02 400x310

GDS-8543_06 400x266

Also new from Revoltech will make all the Valkyrie fan boys very, very happy. Lookie, lookie, a new Macross figure to buy!!! I have to admit being a bit torn by this one. Macross toys are supposed to transform. This one doesn't. It just stays in humanoid form or whatever you guys call it. It's kinda cool and all, but I haven't even busted out my Toynami guys yet. But at least those guys transform into all three modes...meh, might have to wait for a better colorway or one with more accessories like more boosters and what not.

GDS-8542_03 400x522

GDS-8542_02 400x316

GDS-8542_01 400x556

GDS-8542_06 400x266

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