Sunday, July 29, 2007

SDCC Sightings!!!

916835358_537a30ee97_o 400x340

Since I couldn't go down to SDCC this year, I had to steal photos to post from cool guys like Michael from Artoyz! I don't feel that guilty since i'm an Artoyz customer too! Check them out for a great mix of western and Eastern designer toyz!! I also had to steal pics from another cool guy named Eddie from Pixie Gallery Store. Check out his site for even way more great shots from SDCC!! Thanks to both Michael and Eddie for their generosity and pity!!

Above is probably the MUST HAVE mini set of the Con from Gargamel. Perfection in clear lavender vinyl of Micro Zag, Smogun and Deathra. Oh my!!

ok, I lied, the MUST HAVE piece from the show is this clear blue Smogun from Gargamel with Inserts. Huge Bonus that it came with an amazing print by Chanman himself!! I told my buddy that if he can only get me one toy from the show, this would be it. Make it priority One!!! Know what? he came through like a champ with this guy and even more!! More pictures later this week!!!

916835340_6a1890c724 400x508

Gargamel Bullmask in Popsicle Orange!! Show Stopper!!

916835312_cfce09e0c1_o 400x690

Clear Tetran in wonderful Mojito lime green....

916004099_61828e4a4c 400x465

Another show stopper Must Have Figure is this clear purple Berelgon!!

916004089_aaff736886_o 400x464

GID Mini Zag sold out very quickly. Check out that Mini Zag and Camo tank in the background!

916004077_7d3420b152_o 400x371

Koji Harmon's Lime Green Deathra. Still crossing my fingers on this guy!!

916004073_4e88697c14 400x507

Bwana Spoons x Max Toy Co Polka Dot SDCC Exclusive Edward the Gator and Brown Metal Bat!!

917208139_49b53cba88 400x478

902586755_d19cd44197 400x299

Luckily for me, this Bounty Hunter x Secret Base Skull Kun DX was not available at the show. I almost had a coronary when I saw this. So rad to have another cool toy to look forward to. Should be available at Super7 in a few weeks??

p1000223 400x711

More Super 7 Ghostland clear goodness with some custom Dokuwashi's in the back

916588178_0d0cbb8416 400x574

Thomas Han Pushers from Munky King. Been waiting a whole year for these guys!!

916775105_045d103406 400x308

902589541_bd6d406b62 400x299

Offerings from Toy Tokyo include the clear red Rangeas, GID BLObPUS and Skull Viking!!

916654349_972096271e_o 400x224

903439080_79709b92b2 400x299

IWG from Rocket World!! Bears on Vespas!!

903446434_aad4a70a49 400x299

One of the more interesting Protos at the show was Eyegore sculpted by The Pizz

903444636_aba176d114 400x533

Luke Chueh's Possessed Figure in Mono

903444034_48ac9a15b3 400x299

Super 7's new line of fight figures include the all new Stomp:

903441230_154a68a3ca 400x299

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