Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kaiju-Taro 1st Anniversary Selections!!!!


Happy 1st Anniversary Kaiju-Taro!!! With the blow-out sale occuring this last weekend, the KT servers must have been hot cause everything sold out lickity split!! Hopefully all of you got at least something to commemorate this special occassion!!! Here are some of my favorite picks from the sale. Pictures courtesy Kaiju-Taro.

EXOHEAD released two new Galtan's with KT. My favorite is this purple colorway. Lots of anxious collectors hoping they scored them!!


Loving this packaging!!


Ooooh....!!! EXOHEAD throws in an updated trading card paying homage to the original Patchimon card that inspired this figure!!! Notice the colorway is the same purple and green!!! Cool!!!



The big star of the show is this RealxHead metallic black Chaos which came with Kaiju Taro Rice Crackers!!! My deepest sympathy goes out to you if you didn't score this guy....seriously...




Sunguts Cumguts, KT 1st Anniversary Colorway. Yes, that's his real name, dirty mind. I like the Ultraman colorway going on here....



And last, but not least is TT Toys Dawn of something Gru and Prodon set. I dig the colors, but I still haven't figured out a cool way to display the Grus. They have an awfully surprisingly large foot print for a small toy. It's those giant raptor arms in front me thinks....



There you have it! My picks for KT's 1st Anniversary!!!!

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