Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kaijin BLObPUS Inspired!!!!


Back in April, when BLObPUS produced a new humanoid mini figure named "Kaijin" BLObPUS, I wondered if it as inspired by Lance's BLObPUS costume worn last Halloween. There was Lots of evidence to support the notion, but we weren't really sure. Well recently, Lance's good buddy Paul Kaiju went to Japan and apparently returned with the answer! Not only was BLObPUS inspired, he made Lance into an official colorway!! How RAD is that??? I personally think it's one of the best colorways and i'm hoping it will be made into a production run. Congrats Lance!!! You're officially a Japanese Vinyl Toy. Now all we need is a Kaijin BLObPUS manga!!!

879983648_dae3e6aeb1 400x299


878827705_8a2bb38f7e 400x299



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