Friday, July 06, 2007

West Kenji 1999 SD Mecha Godzilla!!!


I hope no one freaks out if I admit that i'm not a Godzilla fan. Please no hate mail or death threats. Nothing against the big's not personal. I grew up watching him alongside all the other Japanese shows, but for whatever reason, I never became a fan. This isn't to say that I don't value Godzilla for all his contributions to the genre, etc., etc., I'm just not that into him. Now Mecha Godzilla is a different story. The idea of a mechanized version of a giant lizard is very appealing. Still, having said this, there are several versions of die-cast, vinyl and action figure Mecha Godzilla that i've passed up as well. Not sure exactly why either. So when I spied this interesting SD version put out by West Kenji 1999 for Superfestival 42, I was interested. At only 5 inches tall, it met the size requirements. As you can see, super-duper detailed, but stylized ala Super Deformed. Very cool. Just how cool wasn't to be realized until I opened up the box. Hyper-detailed, not very much if any articulation hardly, but very satifying to gaze at. I mean, look at those fins on his back! Those guys alone are worth the price of admission! At $40, a worthwhile investment even if you're not a Godzilla fan....









Jeff Pidgeon said...

Very Cool! Where did you buy it?

toybot studios said...

I had Celga buy it for me from West Kenji's website.

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