Monday, July 02, 2007

Max Factory 1/35 Eklbis Action Figure Preview!!

GDS-7057_05 400x571

Here is a preview of this sick new Votoms Eklbis figure being produced by Max Factory. Please note that this figure comes in a set with a 1/35 Light Scopedog which is not my favorite Votoms and therefore i'm excluding him here. They will be out in September for around $90 for the set. Anyone want to get this set and split it with me? You take the Light Scope and I'll take the cool black guy. Anyone??? Anyone??? Helloooooooo?

GDS-7057_06 400x599

GDS-7057_04 400x473


Anonymous said...

I've already got the set coming too. I like the Light Scopedog! He's so weird...I'm really curious about the story behind him. Maybe the pilot broke-down his AT so tha he could keep up with his opponents. If I wasn't already booked for pre-orders, I'd split it with you just to have another Light Scopedog to guard my manga-shelf. (whoa, that was nerdy as hell!)

...actually, I think I might split it with you. Let me know if you get it--and keep it fresh for me!

-g (vombie)

Anonymous said... know I was just looking at the HLJ looks like the Light Scopedog might have a sliding scope! COOL! dude, I really think you might like it once you get it in hand...

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