Thursday, June 28, 2007

Super 7 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives!!!!!


Drum roll please!!!! The much anticipated and long awaited Super 7 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives roster has been announced!!! Super 7 is not disappointing either. In a very welcome change of color pace, we seem to have a lot of my favorite colors going on here. Which is great, cause we have enough of the signature Orange and Black toys for now... So without further delay, here are the Super 7 SDCC exclusives in my order of "Must Have" priority:

RealxHead "Bruised Chaos Fighter" Translucent electric-blue vinyl with black and metallic red spray, pink eye and black bandana. $60.

bruised chaos 213x272

Rumble Monsters "Acid Damnedron" Set: Rumble Monster pair of full size and mini Damnedron. Translucent blue vinyl with silver and red spray. $125.

acid damn 400x479

Secret Base x Super 7 "Inner Demons Ghostfighter: Translucent blue vinyl with inner silkscreened plush and yellow, green and orange spray. $65.

sdcc gf 198x270

Super7 Original Toy "Snakes of Infinity" Stomp Debut: Glow-in-the-dark vinyl with metallic silver spray or metallic silver, red and orange spray. $55.

stomp 384x272

Super7 Original Toy "Dusks Fading Light" Dokuwashi: Navy blue vinyl with medium blue, light blue, green and yellow spray. First painted version to be released. $65.

sdcc doku 189x272

Bwana Spoons "Brown Metal" Steven the Bat: Brown vinyl with tonal brown sprays, glow-in-the-dark accents and drumsticks. $45.

brown metal 333x272

Super7 Original Toy "Ghostland" Series One Release: Tin boxes with one of five different mini ghosts in one of four translucent colors: yellow, orange, blue or grey. $12.

ghostland 239x270

There will also be exclusive signings and secret toy releases with a few of your favorite artists on each day of the convention. More information to follow!!!

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