Thursday, June 14, 2007

Max Toy Co. x Rumble Monsters Pharoah!!!

rumble_maxtoy_sample 400x283

Max Toy Company presents:

Max Toy Company x Rumble Monsters collaboration Pharaohs figure !

70 total figures total
Each one airbrushed and hand painted by Mark Nagata
Hand numbered header cards featuring "Sphinx Pharaohs with Ancient
Pyramids" art by Mark Nagata


From Mark's Blog:

Each figure, being hand painted, went like this.. first a spray of gold was laid down front,top,bottom and sides. Than silver was sprayed in several areas as a ground for the blue spray. Transparent blue was sprayed over the silver as well as over the gold making a metallic green ( blue plus yellow equals green ) than all the eyes were brush and black. It's hard to see in these pictures but the over all color effect is like a Christmas ornament .. very irredescent (spelling ? ) anyways you get the idea. In the end I'm happy with the results .. but I won't be doing this amount of work anytime too soon ;-P ha-ha....really how M1 or Gargamel does this on nearly all their releases boggles my mind.. guess I'm just a lazy American ! Anyways to those who do buy this figure know that a lot of work went into each one.


rumbleHeader_web_72dpi 400x125

Max Toy Co. x Rumble Monsters giclee print
"Pharaohs Attacking Modern Pyramid"
Price: $55.00 each
Price includes shipping within the USA. International shipping is extra
and will be quoted per each order.
We will ship these separately from the toys.
*** Prints made to order, Edition size will be determined by the amount
ordered. ***

Artwork by Mark Nagata
Each print hand signed and numbered by artist
Over all print paper dimension is 8X12 inches
Giclee print on Somerset Velvet Heavy Weight paper, 505 gsm
Using acid free paper and archival inks
Made to Order


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