Friday, June 08, 2007

Votoms Berserga Testa Rossa Preview!!!

GDS-7039 400x437

The release of this Votoms Berserga Testa Rossa into an action-figure marks one more "answered prayer" to the toy gods. Testa Rossa is one of my favorite mechs in the Votoms line-up and to see him get the royal action figure treatment is a welcome gift!! Check out the transforming action into "Down mode". While I like this kind of gimmick, i'm worried about the integrity of the toy being compromised. Sometimes it's just better to have a rock-solid action figure, no? Case and point, Revoltech. God I love those things!

The good news is that he will be out very shortly and all this incredible detail is only going to set you back around $60 not including shipping. Pre-order now from Hobby Link Japan.

l5 400x354

l4 400x566

l3 400x305

l2 400x376

index 400x167

Check out these pics of the Testa Rossa in a tiny mini figure from an earlier post!




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