Friday, June 08, 2007

Heavy Metal L-Gaim Exclusive Golden Auge!!!

GDS-7815_01 400x533

Never really got into the anime "Heavy Metal L-Gaim" nor the mechs. I've always thought there were a Gundam rip-off. God knows we don't need more Gundam. This figure caught my eye while surfing the other night. I didn't immediately recognize it but thought it was L-Gaim. After a bit of research, I confirmed it was the Heavy Metal Auge piloted by Olda Poseidal. L-Gaim seems to me a cross between Gundam and Five Star Stories...which is a good thing IMO. I only wish Fewture would get the Five Star Story license and do die-cast versions of some of the FSS mechs. Heavenly....Until then, this guy looks pretty rad. An Action figure Made by Megahouse to be released in August. Pre-order one from Hobby Link Japan for around $100 before overseas shipping. Check out those crazy shoulder pads....??? I want one....

GDS-7815_04 400x300

GDS-7815_03 400x300

GDS-7815_02 400x427

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