Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Real x Head x Lil Japan Organ Bat!!!!

what-616x616 400x400


In one of the best kept secrets in Japanese vinyl circles , an extremely limited number of RealxHead Organ Bats in a super-special colorway were sold via a sneak lottery in collaboration with Super 7's own Hiro Hayashi aka Lil Japan. Unbeknownst to each buyer of Hiro's Real x Head T-Shirt, came a chance to win the rights to purchase one of these amazing Bats. Why all the hush, hush? Hiro wanted it to be a cool surprise for all Real x Head fans that support his work by buying the first RxH T-shirt. Unfortunately this RxH fan was not amongst the lucky few.


Since I didn't win the Organ Bat, i'll have to model the shirt with this very cool Jyrinco version. I think the story would be so much better with the lottery version, don't you? I'm digging the Real x Head kanji down the side of the front. cool.


IMG_0425 400x299

What's cooler than a giant RxH header card??


The shirts themselves were printed by Jeremy aka Lokash from Mutant Massacre. Check out the photography on his site! ;0)


Congrats again Hiro! I think your next RxH T-Shirt collaboration will be sold out very quickly!!!!

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