Sunday, June 17, 2007

One-Up Annual Skuttle Paint & Custom Show Winners!!!

sk_paint2007_13c 400x299

sk_paint2007_13b 400x299

Wow, a ton of stiff competition for One Up's Annual Skuttle Paint & Custom Show!!! With a brand new Touma "Skuttle X" clear sculp released right before the show, it made for a great base for some wicked customs!! First Place Overall went to this amazing silver and red version with the Touma Dragon Goon motif. Nice Tie-In!!!

Second Place went to this the clear with red and white trim custom which won the "Commercialization" prize. I think that means it has the best possibility for going into a production run!!

sk_paint2007_3a 400x299

sk_paint2007_3b 400x299

Third Place which wins the "Touma" prize goes to one of our own: Rhinomilk aka Jeff Ng for his very detailed tortoise shell custom. Great job Jeff! Congratulations! Way to represent!!!

sk_paint2007_24c 400x299

sk_paint2007_24b 400x299

A couple of Runner Ups:

Of course, this blue one is one of my favorites...

sk_paint2007_42a 400x299

sk_paint2007_42b 400x299

Gotta give it up to anyone that busts out with the neon...

sk_paint2007_39a 400x299

sk_paint2007_39b 400x299

To see all the Winners, CLICK HERE!!!

To see all 45 entries, CLICK HERE!!

Toy Designers can also participate in the show as well...including Touma!!! Several of these are very cool, but I would put several of the regular entries up against the "Pros" any day of the week!!

Except for Touma's own custom. This guy kicks ass!!

sk2007-touma3 400x299

touma1 400x299

untitled 400x299

I'm also digging this custom submitted by BLObPUS. Docross Skuttle anyone? Yes, I love it!!

blobpus3 400x299

blobpus1 400x299

blobpus2 400x299

To see all of the Designer Entries: CLICK HERE!!

ok, without taking away anything from any of the winners and runner-ups, how did these two entries not win anything???? These are cool!!!

Fire Skuttle!!?? C'mon, that's awesome!!

sk_paint2007_32a 400x299

sk_paint2007_32b 400x299

Samurai Skuttle?? One of my early favorites from Mark's pics....c'mon!! This guy is too amazing not to be a winner!! Re-Count!!! Re-Count!!!

sk_paint2007_26a 400x299

sk_paint2007_26c 400x299

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