Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mystery Solved: Sakura Wars Kits from Wave!!!

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I saw these interesting mecha kits in a hobby magazine a while ago and thought they were pretty cool. Then recently saw these pics online somewhere but I don't know what anime they are from and i'm too lazy to dig up the magazine. Anyone know? Please educate this lazy and unknowledgable blogger. Downside is, i'm pretty sure they are kits. You know how I feel about kits. Cool part is that they seemingly transform. but that would mean they are transforming kits which is always a recipe for disaster in my humble experience. You can't build good engineering into a kit. Or at least, I haven't had the pleasure of building one.... I'm drawn to their very bulky and anti-gundam appeal. They kinda have that Votoms sensibility going on, but in a tougher, more armored knight feeling... someone take this license and make an action figure please!! Collectors that wanna buy stuff like this don't have time to put together kits!! No offense to all you crazy talented kit-bashers out there. I bow to your fichtenfoo mad skillz!!

UPDATE: One of those crazy kids from Josh Bernard's cool site was kind enough to drop a note that these come from Sakura Wars and Josh notes they are kits from Wave. Thanks guys!!!

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Anonymous said...

THese are from sakura wars. More info here

toybot studios said...

aaaaahhhhh... yes! Sakura Wars! thank you mightly collectiondx reader!! that Josh knows everything!

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