Thursday, June 21, 2007

toybot studios Custom Gargamel Smogon


Inspired for so long by the many amazing artists that frequent Skullbrain , I decided to get an airbrush for myself and see if I could try my hand at making my own customs. After a lot of trial and error with some help from guys like LASH, Locomoco, Paul Kaiju, Shapeshifta and Redhanded whose customs are regular features on toybot studios, i've managed to actually paint a few that look pretty decent (at least in my own mind). It's a bit hard to totally screw up with an airbrush, but the interesting aspect that I didn't really consider is how hard it is to come up with cool colorways. I've pretty much exhausted all my favorite colors: blue, purple and green so all the toys i've painted look pretty much all alike. Given that they are my favorite colors, it's not all bad, but I give extra credit to all the above artists for always coming up with fresh and vibrant colorways. It's a lot harder than you might think.


This Gargamel Smogon is a piece that I think is least offensive to the eyes and although it looks like one or two shades of blues, it's actually about fifteen shades of blue and purple (i'm kidding). The rhinestone eyes are a nod to Cronic!. Painting toys is a ton of fun and very fulfilling. It has given me a new appreciation for Japanese vinyl. Now everytime I see an unpainted clear or blank figure, I try to figure out what colors would look good on it!! If you ever thought about a toy that you like but wished it were in a different color combination, get an airbrush and give that toy a nice acetone bath!!






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